81 - Payment For The Deliveries

16th Jan 2023, 1:34 PM in 7 - On The Job
81 - Payment For The Deliveries
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Author Notes:

Shipp 16th Jan 2023, 1:34 PM
Cameo page!
I asked people if their comics have any currency or weird stuff that their customers might use as currency, and here they are!
Gonna be kind of hard to credit in any particular order so I’ll try from top to bottom going right:
-Justeatsalmon made the orange 20 bill and the one tin coin on the bottom right of it!
-Dodom made both black coins!
-David A Webcomic made the Crappi Coffee gift card that’s been reused down to the last $1.27!
-Zarzaliel made the Spanish doubloon in the center, given to Bananas in the previous page!
-Amy of Darkness made the coin on the bottom left!
-Maice made the french fry! Illustrated it. I don’t know if they cooked it.
-Matt Comics made the Sun Piggy coin on the bottom right!

Thank you all for giving your money and one french fry to Bananas!! Hope you enjoyed, I always have fun with these!


Guest 16th Jan 2023, 2:04 PM
I will gladly give that little mouse ALL of my money…
Shipp 17th Jan 2023, 10:01 AM
Aneeway 16th Jan 2023, 2:06 PM
Bananas gives me unbridled Amelia Bedelia energy. Ask her to do anything, even the simplest task, and she will screw it up in ways you can't even imagine...nice new page btw! Always a treat to see you upload new stuff. <3
Shipp 17th Jan 2023, 10:01 AM
Thank u 💖
KidCthulhu 16th Jan 2023, 2:06 PM
I love the panel with all the weird currency.
Shipp 17th Jan 2023, 10:01 AM
It was fun haha thank you
sherbettcat 16th Jan 2023, 2:10 PM
And now it's a French fry covered in doo doo!
Shipp 17th Jan 2023, 10:01 AM
Chocolate covered!
mightguy15 16th Jan 2023, 3:03 PM
To be fair it's not her fault why this dude delivern pizzas to people from different dimensions when hes not ready to take their money? 🤣
Marlene Santos 16th Jan 2023, 5:59 PM
Marlene Santos
Exactly! He better get the conversion rates ready.
Shipp 17th Jan 2023, 7:30 PM
Hahah tbf they aren't from different dimensions they all just coexist in this weird universe like nothing happened
Matt Comics 27th Jan 2023, 2:04 PM
Matt Comics
I'm late but this looks cool. so much variety XD

(btw the link to my profile is, strangely enough, duplicated)
Shipp 27th Jan 2023, 2:35 PM
Ah I'm sorry! I fixed it I guess I got too trigger happy with Ctrl+v!